The Impsport T3 Suit Collection comprises of a race suit for sprinting in an upright position and a TT suit for time trials or pursuits in a low-pro position. We’ve employed the latest in state of the art garment technologies for both garments, combined with wind tunnel tested fabrics and patterns to create the fastest suits available in the UK custom market


22 Olympic Gold Medals

Impsport have manufactured the suits used by the Great Britain Cycling Team in the last 3 Olympic Summer Games, winning a total of 22 gold medals. We are custom fitting and manufacturing T3 Suits for Tokyo 2021.

We’ve been helping British athletes achieve world class cycling status since the late 1970’s and that trust, experience and knowledge is harnessed today in the latest generation of Impsport custom garments. 



John Archibald competed for Team Scotland in the men's individual pursuit event at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, reaching the final and winning the silver medal. Archibald became a double British champion after winning the British National Individual Pursuit Championships at the British National Track Championships in 2019 and 2020 as part of HUUB-Wattbike

Impsport have worked alongside Scottish Cycling for many years; testing, improving and innovating our custom racesuit range to ensure riders have the fastest garments available anywhere for their chosen disciplines.

We’re proud to supply racesuits to professional teams such as HUUB-Wattbike and Aerolab WardWheelz and the same quality, detail and precision goes into every club order.


Research & development

Boardman Performance Centre – Independent Wind Tunnel Testing


'I was the test rider for the Impsport T3 Suit performance analytics which involved testing a range of well known brands and models at 10, 15 and 20 mph (36, 54, 72 kph) respectively.

It was clear that the Impsport T3.1 Racesuit and T3 TT Suit were the two fastest suits across all speeds tested. Upon further analysing the data, it showed that the suit had drastically lowered my overall CdA.

I was keen to get one of these suits for myself.'

Tom Ward - Aerolab Ward Wheelz


Specialist aero fabrics

The fabrics utilised for the T3.1 Racesuit and T3 TT Suit have been especially selected for their streamline properties and benefit from air flow analytics during the garment pattern production.


● Specialist channelled fabrics are used in high drag areas to enhance the shape of the air around the rider and increase streamline speed.

● Air flow analytics and wind tunnel testing are used throughout the pattern development to optimise seam placement.

● Smoothing textured fabrics trip air effectively from the torso, legs and flanks whilst holding closer to the body for an improved garment fit.



Specialising in aero bike fit George Fox brings hundreds of hours of wind tunnel testing with both cyclists and triathletes to bike fits. This approach of making informed decisions means that George is currently carrying out fits for industry leading businesses in the bike fitting and cycling coaching sector.

Find out more about George Fox Cycling Solutions


Impsport T3 Suit Wind Tunnel Testing With George Fox


Why go slower...when you can go faster?

The aerodynamic performance of clothing, headwear and riding position account for about 80% of effectible drag, only 20% is the bike itself. Focusing on maintaining a good riding position and wearing a low surface drag skinsuit with optimum aerodynamic stability is key to reducing air turbulence and overall increasing speed on the bike.

The Impsport T3 Suit range comprises of the latest in state-of-the-art garment technologies to create the fastest suits available in the UK custom market, saving 9.2 Watts compared to the baseline. In wind tunnel test conditions at 40km/h the Impsport T3.1 Racesuit was faster than the current Team GB suit.


T3.1 Racesuit Wind Tunnel Testing With John Archibald


Integrated number pocket

Single or double integrated race number pockets are included as standard providing optimum streamline shape whilst protecting your suit from pin damage.


● The Impsport T3.1 Racesuit is fitted with our new single or double race number pocket - optimally placed on the garment to meet race specifications whilst improving drag reduction.

● The Impsport T3 TT Suit is fitted with our unique single race number pocket. The garment seams have been placed specifically to improve streamline speed in the time trial position.


Custom fitting service

'The custom fitting process takes the fit and performance of these already market leading suits to an incredible level. I was in disbelief at how much faster the new custom fitted suit was. I knew these fitted suits were something really special.'

Tom Ward - Aerolab Ward Wheelz


● Book an appointment at Impsport HQ for our bespoke fitting service – as provided to EIS and Tokyo 2021 teams.

● Your custom T3.1 Racesuit or T3 TT Suit will be tailored to your individual requirements for maximum performance gains in your chosen discipline.

● Impsport T3 Suits are the fastest garments available in the UK custom market.

● Custom fitting service only £650 (ex VAT).