About Us

A long established British Company.

Established in 1971 in Lincoln, UK, Impsport is now an integral part of Sports & Leisure Brands Ltd. The origins of Sports & Leisure Brands Ltd (formerly 'The Reynolds Group of Companies') dates back to 1924 when one Burt Reynolds established his sporting and leather goods shop on the High Street in Lincoln.

Impsport specialises in the supply of customised performance apparel for active participation in cycling, triathlon, athletics and canoeing. In addition to this Impsport manufactures its own range of high quality 'fit for purpose' cycling, triathlon and athletics apparel and is also a manufacturer of event merchandise including race numbers, event signage, flags and promotional collateral.

Sports & Leisure Brands Ltd uses Impsports manufacturing expertise to produce a range of bespoke team kits for Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Boxing, Basketball and American Football to name but a few! These kits can be accessed through Impsports sister company, Reynolds Sports.

UK Manufactured and World Renowned.

Helped by the continued support of a large number of loyal customers Impsport has successfully maintained a UK manufacturing base with all its bespoke and retail ranges being manufactured in the Lincoln factory. Unlike many of its competitors Impsports is proud that it still provides UK based manufacturing jobs and training opportunities for UK based people.

Impsport are also proud to be involved in the government supported 'Made in Britain' campaign, further establishing us as a quality British manufacturer.


Manufacturing in the UK allows added flexibility in terms of product design and minimum quantities. Manufacturing lead times are also flexible, dependent on the time of year, staff availability and current demand.

Total Quality.

Impsport runs a "Total Quality Programme" which puts quality at the forefront of the production process. At every stage it is the employee's responsibility to check that prescribed quality standards are being maintained which in turn allows Impsport to dispatch 'quality assured' products to its customers.

A Truly "One Stop Shop"

The sports apparel and event merchandise manufacturing is complemented by 'in house' embroidery, screen and digital printing processes. This allows Impsport to customise a whole range of apparel, luggage and promotional items. This means that even the most complex of customisation jobs stays in house from start to finish, guaranteeing that Impsports customers brand identity, integrity and image are maintained.

The core values of a unique British Company.

Impsport fully embraces the Sports & Leisure Brands Ltd core values:

  • Helpful
  • Professional
  • Dependable
  • Straightforward
  • Efficient

At Impsport we are proud of our staff and the contribution they make to help us maintain our UK manufacturing base.

Impsport is at the forefront of technical product innovation and elite performance.

As a member of UK Sports Innovation Network, Impsport is at the cutting edge of research into new technologies and at the heart of elite performance product development. Although generally developed 'behind closed doors' and with a 'veil of secrecy' many aspects of the innovative designs, manufacturing techniques and production processes translate themselves into the quality performance products currently being worn by our customers today.


Your Club Shop.

Impsport provides 'on-line' promotion and retailing opportunities for many charities, events and associated brands. Your Club Shop also provides a catalogue and retailing opportunity for over 200 Clubs based across the UK and Europe. To find out more please 'click' on the Your Club Shop logo below or 'click' on one of the charity links found in the home page.


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