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New Product Launch – Impsport Drycore Gloves

Friday, 1st July 2016

According to the calendar it’s officially the British Summer, but unless you are on a tropical island somewhere on your annual holidays you may well have missed this fact. If you are suffering from cold, wet hands while out and about on your bike or if you want a pair of good quality gloves ready for when the heavens open then checkout the brand new Impsport Drycore Gloves. They come in a range of sizes for a perfect fit, and unlike some cheaper gloves, are suitable for all weather cycling (no matter what nature may throw at you).

We’ve rigorously tested the Impsport DryCore Gloves and found them to be tough and reliable, perfect for commuting, training out on the road or off-road MTB. You can put them on, submerge your hand in water and they come out completely dry. You don’t need to worry about getting clammy hands either as the dual layer fabric system wicks away moisture from inside whilst still repelling water on the outside.

Finished with protective gel padding for a comfortable grip and extra protection should you decide to make an emergency exit off your bike, and with reflective print details for extra low-light visibility, the Impsport DryCore gloves are a year-round investments for your hands.  Available now online at the Impsport Shop.